Wall with Mammut 350

The heavy-duty large-format Mammut 350 system with its forming height of 3.50 m and a modular width of 2.50 m is designed for large pours. It's load capacity is the industry's highest at 100 kN/m². Moreover, the Mammut 350 is predestined for architectural surfaces thanks to its symmetrical tie-hole and joint pattern and the 100 % wood-free, all-plastic facing alkus which delivers a superior concrete finish with every pour - first time, every time.

Scroll down this page to find a product list showing the parts you may need, when forming a single-sided wall with Mammut 350. Please note that the number of parts may vary according to the exact specifications. Contact us for advice, consultation, planning and support.  Find out more on our heavy-duty wall formwork system Mammut 350 on the   product page.


Product List