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Place the facing for the right vertical concrete beam edge onto the facing for the underside of the concrete beam (3). Stabilize the vertical facing with H20 beams (2). Use a trestle (4) for lateral support and secure it with a beam clamp. Place a timber filler (5) lengthwise onto the H20 beam to gap the height difference to the underside of the upper slab. The horizontal facing for the underside of the upper slab must be flush with the adjacent MevaDec-panel (1). Support the upper facing by attaching cross-pieces (6) to the trestle and to the groove of the primary beam, one cross-piece every 50 cm. Attach the facing for the left vertical concrete beam edge to an H20 beam that is placed lengthwise. Timber fillers (5) are placed onto the H20 beams to gap any height difference and make sure the facing is flush with the adjacent MevaDec panel. Due to the low height of the vertical facing on this side of the concrete beam, a trestle cannot be installed for lateral support and the H20 beam must be secured with a job-built wooden support (7). Tieing with DW 20 ties is not required in this case. 




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