Single-Sided from 3 to 9 m high

Project: Underground station and switch shaft on the U1 line, Vienna

Consortium: SWIETELSKY Baugesellschaft and MAX BÖGL AUSTRIA

MEVA Systems: Support frame STB 450 with height extensions, Support frame STB 300, Wall formwork StarTec

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Schalungs- Systeme, Pfaffstätten, Austria



Vienna Underground Station and switch shaft on the U1 line

Single sided concrete works
The U1 underground line in Vienna is being extended to the Oberlaa suburb. The new Alaudagasse station and the switch shaft south of it are being poured using MEVA formwork. The consortium chose MEVA support frames and StarTec wall formwork to pour 6,200 m² of waterproof concrete shells.

Alaudagasse station: 9 m walls with harmonious joint pattern
The underground station with middle platform is 18 m wide and being built in cut-and-cover method. After the 120 cm diameter bored piles were in place and the slab beams and foundation were poured, single-sided formwork is employed to erect a concrete shell against the bored piles on both sides of the station. Both shells are 80 cm thick, 235 m long and 3 to 9 m high. Pours up to 3.30 m high are done using the support frame STB 300, higher pours rely on the extendable support frame STB 450. StarTec wall formwork panels are used with all support frames. 

Extendable carriage units with variable heights
2.70 m high StarTec wall panels are attached horizontally to three support frames STB 450 to create 2.70 m formwork carriages. A major advantage of the STB 450 saves much time and effort when forming varying heights: the support frame is extended on top with 1.50 m extensions, without having to dismantle the carriage. No special parts are required. The carriages are anchored into the base plate, sometimes to the slab beams. The pour itself uses a filling nozzle to place concrete in lengths of 8 to 14 m. The concrete is compacted using external vibrators. 

Switch shaft three levels deep
The switch shaft to the south of Alaudagasse station is, in part, on three levels with 120 running metres of walls that are 3.30 to 5.40 m high. Here, too, concrete is poured using the movable support frame formwork carriages. MEVA engineers had to cater for the low load capacity of the intermediary slab. This is where the support frame‘s sturdy and robust build comes in as a real benefit: anchoring in the base plate and the slab beams is sufficient to take the high pressure of the fast pours safely. 

No subsequent costs: RentalPlus The rental contract was signed including the insurance scheme RentalPlus. It is levied as a small fee on the rental volume and covers all subsequent cleaning and repair effort necessary on the formwork once it is returned. This saves rental time and relieves the site of costly and time consuming repair and cleaning work on the site. It also makes calculation much easier and clear from the beginning.

„It’s been a true partnership with MEVA, much more than just renting formwork to us”,
says foreman Stefan Oswald. He is also very satisfied with the smooth logistics, MEVA’s technical service and consulting, the planning and on-site support by MEVA engineers.

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    MEVA Expertise & References

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  • Large construction site in the heart of Budapest

    Large construction site in the heart of Budapest

    MEVA fulfils stringent requirements with flexible formwork solutions. The Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden is one of the Hungary’s most popular cultural attractions.

  • Challenging tunnel geometry

    Challenging tunnel geometry

    MEVA STB 450 offers flexible solution for narrow, inclined rail section: Near the municipality of Gretzenbach, the four-track route branches into two separate lines. Here, the two southern tracks gradually descend and pass below the cantonal road before entering the new Eppenberg Tunnel.

  • BIM: transparent and efficient

    BIM: transparent and efficient

    BIM stands for Building Information Modelling, a holistic, software-based method for optimised planning and execution of construction projects.

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