MEVA32 shoring continues to perform in new mixed-use developments

Principal: AB Partners

Contractor: Lithko Contracting, LLC

MEVA Systems: MEVA32 aluminum shoring system, MevaLite wall formwork

Formwork engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Inc., Springfield, Ohio



Multi-family housing, retail, and garaging facilities all benefit from the smart design and features of the new MEVA32 shoring

As the city of Columbus, Ohio continues to grow, the need for housing grows with it. There is a projected housing shortage, and, as the city grows more and more popular with young professionals, affordable housing is especially scarce. The new Harlow Apartments look to answer this shortage in the popular downtown area. With 120 units, parking facilities, and 7,000 square feet of ground floor retail space, the developers hope to build simple yet effective living spaces for the city‘s residents, with a goal that at least 60% of the apartments will be affordable to residents earning less than the median wage.

MEVA32 aluminum shoring – the flexible, efficient, light-weight solution
With 21,000 square feet of concrete to be poured, Lithko Contracting needed a shoring system that would be efficient and easy to work with. They needed the system to be flexible and easy to work around the many columns and other structural elements of the building design. Because of the large square footage and time frame of the project, they also required a system that could be easily worked and assembled. They wanted a system that was light enough for easy movement, but strong enough to meet the demands of the building slabs. With its 32-kip rating and the largest frame weighing in at under 50 lbs, MEVA 32 was the best solution for the job.

Time-saving, simple, safe
Because the MEVA32 frames are so lightweight, they can be handled by as few as one worker, and assembled quickly. The six-foot wide frames also cover more area with fewer frames used. This gave Lithko a time-saving advantage on the job. According Fred Fritsche, site manager, they were able to do the two large footprint slab pours effectively and quickly. “With 12 workers, it took one and a half weeks for the first pour, and one week for the second pour,“ Mr. Fritsche said. “We were really pleased with the time.“ Lithko takes the safety of their workers very seriously, and MEVA32 shoring was the easy choice for its safety features. MEVA32 features dedicated tie off points welded in to the frame that limited tie off sliding for optimal worker safety, and also have treading on the top of each cross bar that helps prevent workers from slipping.

MevaLite – easy assembly, great finish
Lithko chose MevaLite to form the walls and columns at the Harlow Apartments. MevaLite panels come in sizes ranging rom 9’x 3’ to 3’x.5’ and are symmetrical, making assembly of gangs fast and simple. Using the MevaLite multi-purpose panel in a windmill configuration for the columns provided a solution that accommodates various column heights and widths while minimizing the need for accessories – only two screws per panel and minimal clamps were needed. This configuration, along with the all-plastic alkus facing made the finish of the columns high-quality. All-plastic alkus facing is standard in all MEVA formwork products. It is made from a polypropylene composite material with a thin, aluminum layer. This allows for the facing to be drilled and nailed without the splintering common with plywood. It can also be repaired on site using the same material, eliminating the time and money associated with refacing panels. The facing is also resistant to weather conditions such as extreme heat, humidity, and precipitation.

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All Plastic Facing alkus
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