Construction Alongside the Berlin Wall,
new residential tower arises by MEVA

Project: East Side Tower M 60, 16-storey residential tower, Berlin

Contractor: A.M.M.A.R. Bau GmbH, Berlin

MEVA Systems: Wall formwork Mammut 350, Slab formwork MevaFlex, Shoring tower MEP, Heavy duty braces Triplex SB, Folded working platform KAB 190

Engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Berlin



Rely on MEVA formwork, engineering and support

The famous luxury residential East Side Tower M 60 is being erected looking directly at the remnants of the Berlin Wall which formerly divided Berlin into East and West. It is an architecturally challenging job on 16 levels. Local contractor A.M.M.A.R. Bau GmbH relied on MEVA formwork, engineering and support to achieve the landmark in schedule and budget.

Floating balconies supported safely
The apartment balkonies jump in groups of three from one corner to the next on the next level. The height difference between the balconies of a group is 3.45 m and 8.75 m between the groups. During construction they were supported with MEP shoring towers. Special alignment rails and the heavy-duty braces Triplex were needed for added strength.

Complete solution for walls, slabs and safety with KAB 190
The folded working platform KAB 190 came to good use as a safe working platform with fall protection and loadbearing platform for putting the formwork in place. Slabs were poured using MevaFlex; the walls were erected with the panelised wall formwork system Mammut 350 and its 100 % wood-free all-plastic facing alkus.

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