MEVA Imperial and MevaDec impresses on
St. Thomas Courthouse project

Project:  St. Thomas Courthouse including a parking garage, Ontario, Canada

Contractor:  Ellis Don, Mississauga, Ontario

MEVA Systems: Imperial Wall Formwork, Slab Formwork MevaDec

Formwork Engineering MEVA Formwork Systems, USA



EllisDon chose to use the MEVA Imperial wall formwork and MevaDec slab formwork for the St. Thomas Courthouse project. Superintendent Mike O’Neill was impressed with how quickly the Imperial panels go together, the light-weight clamps and the high-quality concrete finish.

“You can pour as fast as you want on any type of wall and the clamps are lighter than any other system. You can throw them up one handed and hit them with one hammer blow”, stated Mike O’Neill.

According to Mike O’Neill the MevaDec panelized deck system was chosen to shore the cast-in-place parking garage. MevaDec left such a nice finish that EllisDon was able to cast the deck, strip the panels and eliminate all rubbing of the finish.

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