MAR and Imperial offer a strong solution for Cabin Creek WWTP

Project: Cabin Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion/Improvements, Griffin, Georgia/US

Contractor: P.F. Moon

MEVA Systems: MAR – MEVA Adjustable Radius wall formwork, Imperial wall formwork, MEP shoring tower system

Formwork engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems Springfield, Ohio



MEVA Systems for Large Civil Works

Originally constructed in 1936, the Cabin Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant services northern Spalding county and the city of Griffin in Georgia and can treat as many as 1.5 million gallons of water per day. As part of a larger plan to update and expand the county’s water infrastructure to meet population and environmental demands – including the construction of a new headworks, aeration basins, secondary clarifiers, a return activated sludge pump station, tertiary filters, an ultraviolet disinfection system, and a post aeration system – the updates to Cabin Creek includes over 70,000 square feet of concrete and the construction of a Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) basin and three clarifiers.

The contractor for the Waste Water Treatment Plant, P.F. Moon, chose MEVA’s Adjustable Radius system (MAR), Imperial vertical formwork, and MEP shoring as the solutions for their concrete forming needs.

Adjustable Radius for clarifiers
MEVA Adjustable Radius (MAR) was chosen because of the great advantages that the system can offer in the construction of round concrete structures. Built with articulated adjustable walers and the contractor’s choice of plywood, MAR gangs are assembled in widths from 4 to 8 feet and can be built to heights of up to 40’. The system can form a wide array of radiuses. In this case, the system was used to build 16.5’, 25’, and 26.5’ radius clarifiers. MAR is available as pre-built units that are ready to be flown into place from the truck. In this case however, the gangs were built on the jobsite. “The gangs build up easy,” advised Steve Dolin, jobsite Superintendent with P.F. Moon. “We built 14 sections; 7 inner and 7 outer, in three days, and it was our first time doing it.”

Easy adjustment on jobsite
Another advantage of the system is the ability of the radii of MAR gangs to be adjusted by the contractor on the jobsite. Using templates provided by MEVA, the system can easily adjust to meet the varied needs of water infrastructure construction. “It took about a day to adjust the radiuses up and down as needed,” said Mr. Dolin. “We had no problems with that.” MAR is engineered for pour pressures of 1,000 to 1,500 psf, depending on the radius and other factors. “Our pours went well and the system held up very well.”, Mr. Dolin advised. P.F. Moon was able to keep the plywood and just send back the disassembled parts after use; saving freight costs.

Imperial for large BNR walls
Imperial vertical formwork was used for construction of the BNR Basin. The contractor wanted to be able to pour up to 50’ of wall length at a time for the structure. Imperial’s large panel sizes and best-in-class concrete pressure capacity of 2,025 psf make it ideal for these requirements. The contractor is able to build large sections of wall and pour concrete efficiently. Imperial’s versatility and ease-of-use was also a benefit: All accessories are attached with a standard flange screw to the welded-in DW threads of the panels’ multi-function profiles; making attachment of accessories simple for workers. “I have 35 years in concrete construction, and it is one of the easiest systems to work with,” Mr. Dolin said.

MEP: Easy to use and lighter
The MEP shoring system was used for elevated slabs on the clarifiers. MEP is versatile and easy-to-use system. MEP features a patented SAS quick-lowering system that will lower the post shore by ½ inch with a single hammer blow. After stripping, the post shore automatically resets to the original locked position. An added benefit, according to Steve Dolin was the weight of the system: “The guys on the jobsite say it is a lot lighter than other shoring they have worked with. They really like that.”

MEVA for new projects
The overall experience with MEVA was a good one for P.F. Moon. “MEVA’s formwork and people were very easy to work with,” Steve Dolin confirmed. “The guys in the office liked it too.” They are planning to use MEVA on additional waste water treatment ­projects in the future.

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