Aquinas College in Nashville breaks ground on new construction

Project: Aquinas College, Siena Hall Women’s Residences

Contractor: Lithko Concrete Contractors Nashville, TN

MEVA Systems: Slab formwork system MevaDec, All-plastic facing alkus, Shoring system MEP, Slab formwork MevaFlex

Engineering and support: MEVA Formwork Systems, Inc. Springfield, OH



Quick, Easy Slab Pours with MevaDec

For the first time in 39 years, Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee broke ground on new construction. Siena Hall will provide housing for 99 female students on 3.5 stories and 44,000 ft². The project also includes renovation of an academic building next door. This is the very first on-campus residence in the history of Aquina College and is the also the first stage of a planned five year, $30 million construction process that will bring additional residences and academic buildings.

Lithko Concrete Contractors provided the concrete construction with general contractor BL Harbert International. MevaDec slab formwork and the MEP shoring system were selected as the main formwork to pour the decks, assisted by MevaFlex in smaller areas. The slabs were formed with minimal filler areas. MevaDec also offers great flexibility in its ability to switch forming direction, keeping assembly fluid despite the number of concrete beams. There is no fixed grid, reducing filler areas to a minimum and it is easy to adapt to the needs of different floors.

MevaDec proved the quickest solution, providing for easy and fast setting and handling. It does not require a crane and can be set up by only two workers.

MevaFlex complements MevaDec
The MevaDec slab system includes a drop Head that allows for early stripping and cycling, reducing inventory, minimizin labor and saving money.

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