American Concrete Institute (ACI) and ASCC representatives visit construction site and MEVA headquarters in Haiterbach for talks

Projekt: Wohn- und Geschäftshaus mit Einkaufszentrum, Kelsterbach

Bauherr: Streib GmbH & Co. KG, Mannheim

Bauunternehmen: Anes Bauausführungen GmbH, Berlin

MEVA Systeme: Wandschalung Mammut 350, Deckenschalung MevaDec, Stützbock STB 300, Stützenschalung CaroFalt, Betonierklappbühne BKB

Planung und Betreuung: MEVA Schalungssysteme, Niederlassung Stuttgart



American Concrete Institute (ACI) and ASCC representatives visit construction site and MEVA headquarters in Haiterbach for talks

The site chosen for the visit is located in Kelsterbach near Frankfurt International Airport. The 65,900 m³ building volume includes an underground parking with 119 lots, a shopping mall and 3 blocks with 78 appartments designed as a concrete frame construction with reinforced concrete and masonry walls. 

Contractor Streib

Contractor Streib is a typical mediumsized company and takes a leading position in the metropolitan region located along the rivers Rhine and Neckar. Streib is strong in concrete works and has built up its position with qualified foremen, supervisors and engineers, but prefers to do the actual job with subcontractors. “Working like a team is essential, as can be seen on this site. We have been partners for 15 years, so working together is like clockwork“, says managing director Andreas Straub. “This way we guarantee top results on all our construction jobs with our own site management and good subcontractors.” This is the reason the site was selected for the visit by the delegation from the US, showing best practice and smooth work flow all the way to a high quality concrete finish. The site is running as normal and the delegates were able to convince themselves first hand. 

In all formwork systems, it is the facing that is the largest area interacting with concrete. All MEVA systems are equipped with an all-plastic facing that is 100 %  wood-free. It delivers a smooth, consistently superior concrete finish from the first pour to the last. Reduced consumption of release agent and easy cleaning of the panels on site are additional advantages which convinced Streib on this job. 

The objective of the delegates’ visit is to exchange ideas and know-how in concrete construction practice. The background is the new Guide to Formed Concrete Surfaces (347.3R-13) published by the American Concrete Institute. It was spearheaded by MEVA, sing experiences in Europe as a basis. The ACI Guide to Formed Concrete Surfaces clearly defines the features of a formed surface. This puts everyone in a better position to agree on the desired finish. And it is the basis for talking with one another – the best way to avoid costly conflicts. “The delegates were able to see how well this works, live and first hand!” says site foreman Markus Neff

Markus Neff
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