Wall Formwork AluStarTec

The multi-purpose Wall Formwork System

AluStarTec is a true multi-purpose formwork system comprising a light-weight aluminium panel family (closed hollow profile, powder coated, white) and a large-format panel range (closed hollow steel profile, galvanised).

Features & Benefits
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Features & Benefits


Panel heights 90, 135, 270 and 330 cm, panel widths from 270 to 30 cm

  • Reduction of filler areas
  • Fast adaptation to building layout

90° and 135° inside and outside corners and steplessly adjustable articulated corners from 60° to 180°

  • All corner configurations formed with standard corner panels

Largest aluminium panel 270/90 with alkus facing weighs only 65 kg

  • Easy assembly by hand with just two workers


Maximum load capacity is 60 kN/m² (silo pressure) acc. to German standard DIN 18218, table 3, line 6

  • Unlimited pour speed to panel height irrespective of concrete recipe and consistency or climatic conditions

Panel frame

Aluminium frames made of closed 2-chamber hollow aluminium profiles

  • Torsion-proof, durable, low weight

270 cm and 135 cm wide steel panels with bump notch

  • Easy adjustment and alignment with prybar

High-quality annealead powder coating

  • Less cleaning effort due to reduced concrete adhesion
  • Durable

Multi-function profile

Practical MEVA multi-function profile with weld-in nuts (Dywidag thread)

  • Easy attachment of accessories such as alignment rails, braces, walkway brackets etc.

Tie holes, panel connections

Tie hole with conical sleeve, welded-in from both sides

  • Easy use of DW15 tie rods
  • Durable
  • Tying through even with sloped formwork

3 tie holes per panel height 330 cm, 2 per height 270 cm, 1 per height 135 and 90 cm; symmetrical Arrangement

  • Uniform tie hole and joint pattern

Panel 270/240 with tie holes inside panel; panel height 135 cm with centred tie hole at top and bottom

  • Optimised for vertical and horizontal setup; even with stacked Panels

A push-pull strut can be attached above a panel joint to stabilize the panels when forming foundations

  • Top (wet) ties can be left free

Panel connection with compact MEVA assembly lock: one piece, weighs only 2,0 kg

  • Time saving assembly, joins and aligns the panels steplessly with a few hammer blows, fits anywhere on the Frame
  • No losable parts

All-plastic facing alkus

All-plastic facing alkus, no swelling or shrinking

  • No change in dimensions due to moisture; no rotting or fungal decay; durable
  • Built in flush with panel frame; improved and consistently even concrete surfaces from the first pour to the last

Easy repair of scratches or drill holes etc. on site with the same polypropylene material

  • No down times for repairs
  • Permanent availability of panels

Screwable and nailable without chipping off of top layer

  • Easy handling

The alkus facing lasts as long as the Frame  

  • No re-facing necessary and thus no disruptions of work flow
AluStarTec Wall Formwork Features & Benefits

Compensation areas

Compensation areas

Fillers up to 16 cm are covered by the system without the need for any site-built solutions. Simply add a filler piece and connect it using the Uni clamp. All outer and inner corners come with an all-plastic facing which allows boxouts to be attached easily even in the corner. Push-pull props are attached to the welded-in DW thread in the multi-function profile.

Safe transport

Safe transport on site using the lifting hook and crane hook.

Safe transport on site using the lifting hook and crane hook.



Inside and outside corners plus hinged corners cover all corners above 60° within the system and without any additional parts.



Walkways brackets and working platforms are attached with the same flange screw addressing the welded-in DW thread on the multi-function profile. The walkway bracked has a pin that fits into the same thread and automatically locks into safe position. Push-pull props are attached in an identical manner, saving parts simplifying handling.

Panel connection

Panel connection

Panels are joined and aligned using the MEVA clamp (assembly lock): It firmly connects the panels on 5 pressure points and aligns them with just a few hammer blows. It fits anywhere on the frame, allowing the site to compensate uneven ground. It has no losable parts.

Stop end bracket

Stop end bracket

Quick and easy method of finishing stop ends within the system and with few parts. Or use Unitie claws, alignment rails, tie rods and flange nuts.

Stripping corner

Stripping corner

Efficient solution for shafts.


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