Wall and Slab Formwork AluFix

AluFix: Light-Weight Hand-Set Formwork

AluFix is the hand-set formwork per se. It has technical features normally reserved for high-level formwork at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Ideal for residential construction and renovation, in landscaping and light infrastructure works. An ergonomic grip profile makes handling easy, saves labour and increases your flexibility wherever concrete is poured without a crane. Available for purchase. Rent from authorised partners.

Features & Benefits
Win on Safety. Save on Labour.
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Technical Data

Features & Benefits


Panel heights 300, 264, 150, 132 and 75 cm, panel widths from 75 to 20 cm

  • Reduction of filler areas
  • Fast adaptation to building layout

90° inside and outside corners and steplessly adjustable articulated corners from 80° to 180°

  • All corner configurations formed with standard corner Panels

Panel 150/75 with alkus facing weighs only 24,8 kg

  • Easy assembly by hand with just two workers


Maximum concrete load capacity is 55 kN/m² 
(German standard DIN 18218, table 3, line 6)

  • Fast, efficient concrete pours

Panel frame

Frames made of closed 2-chamber hollow aluminium profiles

  • Torsion-proof, durable, low weight

High-quality annealed powder coating

  • Less cleaning effort due to reduced concrete adhesion
  • Durable 

Profiles with grip recess for easy lifting by Hand

  • Comfortable handling; safe grip even when formwork is wet

Multi-function profile

MEVA multi-function profile with welded-in Dywidag nuts

  • Easy attachment of accessories such as alignment rails, braces,   walkway brackets etc.

Tie hole with conical aluminium sleeve, welded in from both sides

  • Easy use of DW 15 tie rods
  • Durable

3 tie holes per panel height 3,00 and 2,64 m, 2 per panel height 1,50 and 132 cm

  • Light profiles, yet high load capacity

Tie holes, panel connections

Panel connection with compact MEVA assembly lock: one piece, weighs only 0,8 kg

  • Time saving assembly, joins and aligns panels steplessly with just a few hammer blows, fits anywhere on the frame
  • No losable parts

All-plastic facing alkus

All-plastic facing alkus, no swelling or shrinking

  • No change in dimensions due to moisture; no rotting or fungal decay; durable
  • Built in flush with panel frame; improved and consistently even concrete surfaces from the first pour to the last

Easy repair of scratches or drill holes etc. on site with the same polypropylene material

  • No down times for repairs
  • Permanent availability of panels

Screwable and nailable without chipping off of top layer

  • Easy handling

The alkus facing lasts as long as the Frame  

  • No re-facing necessary and thus no disruptions of work flow
Technik & Vorteile der AluFix Betonschalung für Wand und Decke

Filler areas

Filler areas

Compensating filler areas is simple within the AluFix system: up to 16 cm a filler timber and Uni clamp are the only parts that are needed. Excess forming area is always smaller than 40 cm thanks to the panel size range. Filler areas are thus minimised, allowing optimum adaptation to the building layout.



All accessories such as push-pull props, working platforms and accessories are attached with a flange screw to the welded-in DW threat in the multi-function profile. No nuts and bolts are needed and all attachments are safe and firm. Walkway brackets have a pin which fits into the same DW thread and automaticalls locks into safe position. No additional parts are needed and nothing can slip out.

Easy handling

Easy handling
AluFix cross stiffeners feature a unique, ergonomic grip edge. Panels are easier to handle, lift and move, even when wet.



All corners from 0° to 180° are covered by the system and need no site-built parts. A hinged corner provides additional flexibility. Inside corners are equipped with an all-plastic facing that allows bowouts to be fastened with little effort.

Dry ties

Dry ties

Foundations and small walls (e.g. for canals, swimming pools) can be formed with dry ties using a foundation tape and foundation tensioner below plus the push-pull strut 23 to replace the top tie.



Safe, fixed ladder access on AluFix panels achieved with a ladder holder.


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Complementary systems

  • Push-pull props R and bracing brackets SRL for wall formwork

    Push-pull props R and bracing brackets SRL are used to align and support wall formwork. Push-pull props SRL have left- and right threaded spindles. The brace bracket 250 consist of a push-pull-prop R 250 (190 - 320 cm) and bracing bracket SRL 120 (90 - 150 cm).

  • MEVA FormSet MFS: stop ends, safety anchors

    MEVA FormSet anchors for single-sided formwork, stop end rail and stop end bracket for slab edges and cantilevering slabs with safety mesh for slab edge fall protection

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