Slab Formwork MevaFlex

MevaFlex: The Conventional Slab Formwork

Conventional slab formwork with H20 beams, props, fork prop heads and loose facing sheet. Easy adaptation to changing slab layouts.

Features & Benefits
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Features & Benefits

System components

Easy assembly with few parts: facing, H20 girders and props with forked prop heads  

  • Fewer parts speed up assembly, simple storage logistics

Favourable material costs  

  • Particularly economical solution where labour costs are lower
  • Cost-effective on-site solution even for few re-uses

Free choice of facing  

  • Flexible adaptation of joint pattern to requirements

Tripod as assembly auxiliary for props  

  • Safe working already during assembly

H20 wood girder with high load capacity and low weight
(5 kg/m)

  • Assembly and stripping by hand without crane below poured slabs

Forked prop head to support a wooden girder, or two when girders are overlapping

  • Central position on top of the prop for maximum load capacity and Transfer

No grid for stringers and joists

  • Adaptation to all kind of slab thicknesses and layouts – even for arched slabs

Simple assembly

Free choice of any MEVA prop for Support

  • Easy slab forming at different heights

Charts with optimum prop spacing as planning aid  

  • Less engineering effort and fast verification of correct application
MevaFlex Slab Formwork Features & Benefits

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