Support Frame STB

Support Frame STB & Brace Brackets SK:
Strong and Slim

Compact, slim support frame STB 450 for single-sided pours up to heights beyond 12 m. Fits even into confined building sites and onto a normal truck. The support frame STB 300 can also be set up horizontally for cantilevers. The support frames also serve as support structures for special formwork designs

The brace brackets 80 and SK 150 are used for floor slabs with heights from 80 cm up to 150 cm, with clever product details.

Features & Benefits
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Features & Benefits


STB 300 (height: 300 cm) for pours up to 3,30 m

  • Compact design and cost-effective solution for standard wall heights in underground car parks or in housing construction

STB 450 (height: 450 cm, construction depth only 245 cm) for walls up to 5 m, can be extended in height

  • Compact basic unit and reasonable transport (no extra wide truck necessary)

STB 450: Modular system with 150 cm height extensions to over 12 m, with additional Triplex SB heavy-duty braces

  • Smallest footprint and greatest height of all systems on the market, ideal also for narrow sites

Brace bracket SK 150 for heights up to 150 cm, adjustable inclination; brace bracket 80 for heights up to 80 cm

  • Flexible and economical forming of stop-ends of thick base plates, even with joint tapes


Sturdy steel build, high load capacity, small extension Units

  • High static stability

Anchoring with Dywidag thread into the floor slab or foundation

  • Proven and easily accessible anchoring system, simple, fast engineering adaptation to construction site conditions

Can be combined with MEVA wall formwork and custom designs, e.g. by using the all-plastic alkus facing as forming face

  • Practical solutions for extraordinary geometries, large-size formwork providing outstanding concrete finish
Support Frame STB: Strong and Slim. Features & Benefits


Complementary systems

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