MT 60 Shoring Tower System

MT 60: Safety Built-in from A to Z

The new modular MEVA shoring tower system MT 60 combines built-in all-in safety features with high load capacity for all slab works. It is quick and easy to assemble on the ground and flexibily adapts to all shoring tasks.

MT 60 is compatible with the MevaDec slab formwork system. It is suited for MevaFlex slab jobs and be used to support table forms and setups with aluminium beams or table forms. It can also be linked to the MEP shoring system.

Features & Benefits
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Features & Benefits


  • Only 3 frame types required to cover slab heights from 2.01 m to 18.66 m. This makes handling and transport easy.
  • 60 kN load capacity per leg caters for high loads and slab thickness of up to 71 cm.
  • The 1.70 m x 1.70 m footprint is adapted to the slab formwork system MevaDec and its primary and secondary beams, panels and drop head for early strippping. Slab thickness: up to 35 cm with primary beam 210 or up to 45 cm with primary beam 160.


Safety features
The new shoring tower system complies with the strictest international safety regulations. No additional safety needs to be planned for and no additional parts be assembled. Safety is all-in:

  • Safety access ladder and access latch integrated in each tower segment.
  • Fall protection on all four sides is built-in.
  • Self-securing connection between tower segments during assembly.


  • Frame heights: 100, 75 and 50 cm, flexible and simple to extend to all heights.


  • Simple assembly on the ground.
  • No tools needed, no nuts or bolts.
  • Simple to move to the next pour as a single unit – by crane lift or moved on wheels, without disassembly and re-assembly.
  • Working platform automatically secured in the frames of MT 60 and MEP shoring towers.
Features & Benefits MT 60 Shoring Tower System

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