StarTec-Securit Safety System

StarTec-Securit Safety System: All-Inclusive and Pre-Assembled

StarTec-Securit is the proven StarTec wall formwork system with pre-assembled Securit platforms including guard-railings and ladder access. StarTec-Securit is delivered to the site pre-assembled and folded (height less than 30 cm), ready for use.

Features & Benefits
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Features & Benefits


StarTec-Securit is delivered pre-assembled to the construction site

  • Ready for use from the stack
  • No time-consuming assembly, the complete safety equipment is integrated

Working platform with side and front railing, access hatch and ladder

  • Complete safety from the very beginning

Working platform Securit also available separately

  • Upgrade of StarTec wall formwork panels possible at any time


Low stacking height of less than 30 cm

  • Easy and cost-saving transport, easy handling

Brace frame with two spindles (SRL braces)

  • Easy and fast setup and alignment of the formwork even when ganged, high stability

Self-closing access hatch

  • Closes automatically and minimises hazards or accidents

Fully equipped StarTec panel 270/240 weighs less than 700 kg

  • 30 % less weight than traditional steel formwork, large-scale gangs easy to lift with normal construction site lifting gear

Spacious platform, 90 cm wide

  • Safe, comfortable work even with large concrete buckets

Side railing foldable and extendable

  • Optimum worker safety during assembly and pouring

Front railing at facing side

  • Top safety also when platform is mounted only on one side
StarTec-Securit Safety System Features & Benefits

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