MEVA FormSet: Stop Ends, Anchors, Safety

MFS Stop Ends: stop end bracket and stop end rail for quick and safe forming of slab edges and cantilevering slabs.

MFS Safety: slab edge protection with safety mesh with impact resistance up to 500 kg. Only safe work is fast work. 

MFS Anchors: specially designed for single-sided forming, with various anchoring methods.

Features & Benefits
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Features & Benefits

Stop-End System MFS

Stop-end rail (1)

  • For forming slab edges
  • All slabs up to a thickness of 60 cm can be formed using anchor sleeve and DW 15 tie rod quickly and cost-effectively
  • The guard rail post is simply plugged onto the stop-end rail to hold the safety mesh for perfect slab edge protection.

Stop-end bracket (2)

  • For forming cantilevering slab edges with a thickness of up to 40 cm and cantilevering up to 50 cm.
  • The bracket has an integrated height adjustment to support the stop-end panel or beam.
  • Stop ends up to 25 cm use MEVA wall panels or beams

Brackets SK (3)

  • MEVA offers easy-to-use brackets in sizes from 80 to 150 cm. The bracket SK 150 is used for foundation slabs up to a thickness of 150 cm, bracket 80 applies to heights up to 80 cm.
  • Both brackets can be slanted by up to  +/- 15 degrees.
  • The brackets are folded for easy transport. 

Upstand bracket (4)

  • The upstand bracket with a setting range up to 100 mm is used to support wall panels.

Stop-end spindle (5)

  • The stop-end spindle is used to set the stop end rail and the formwork panel.

Safety System MFS

Guard-railing post (1)

  • Fits onto to MEVA walkway bracket, stop end rail and stop end bracket as well as the guard railing post shoe
  • The guard railing post holds the safety mesh for worker protection at the slab edge.

Safety mesh MFS (2)

  • The MEVA safety mesh is the fast, intelligent buy-or-rent option for worker protection and puts an end to plywood waste on site. 
  • The same anchoring technique as used for the stop end system makes this safety solution cost effective and efficient. 

Safety mesh extension (3)

  • Used to extend the safety mesh for added worker protection.

Safety mesh corner hinge (4)

  • Safely and quickly joins safety mesh at the edges
  • Allows for angles from 75° to 284°.
  • Can attached anywhere on the safety mesh.

Guard-railing post shoe (5)

  • Is used to secure the slab edge protection. It is anchored using the spiral anchor and DW 15 tie rod. Suitable for guard-railing post 48/134.

Anchoring System MFS

Single (1) and double anchor (7)

  • Anchoring at 45 degrees in the foundation or base slab when using the support frame.
  • Attached to the lower rebar.

Plastic sleeve (2)

  • The plastic sleeve protects tie-rods for re-use

Spiral anchor (3)

  • The spiral anchors is used to anchor parts using DW 15 tie rods.

Plastic anchor sleeve (4)

  • No rust, easy to place, easy to use.
  • Anchoring the stop end rail and stop end bracket is quick and easy using the nail holder to attach it to the facing panel. The anchor sleeve is simply pinned on to it. 
  • The first 2 cm of the anchor sleeve are thread-free, making it easier to place and position the tie rod before screwing it in.
  • When removing the stop ends, the nail is automatically pulled out. This saves you the hassle of pulling out nails afterwards. 

Fixed anchor DW (5)

  • Is used to anchor tie rods with anchor holders or single/double anchors in concrete

Cover cap (6)

  • Placed on the head of the tie rod DW 15 when anchoring the support frame STB.

Anchor holder (not shown)

  • Is used to attach the anchor to the top rebar, bent by 45 degrees. 
MEVA Form Set Features & Benefits


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