MEVA Guided Screens MGS

MGS: Guided Screen Safety System with all-round Worker Protection

The rail-guided MGS Guided Screens System offers optimum all-around worker protection for safe work on slabs or at slab edges in great heights − fall-down, wind and visual protection. The MGS units are safely installed on the ground and remain anchored to the building throughout the building process. Climbing is done by crane or with the MGS hydraulic equipment.

Features & Benefits
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Features & Benefits


Modular system for climbing and screens

  • Simple logistics and disposition

Always anchored to building, also when climbing

  • Maximum safety requirements fulfilled

Completely surrounded by screens

  • Optimum work safety and labour performance


Level heights from 3,00 m to 4,25 m

  • Flexible planning for all high-rise buildings

Climbing Process

Lift also with hydraulic ram instead of a crane

  • Saves crane time

Free positioning of guiding profiles up to a width of 4,50

  • Flexible adaptation to layout and geometry of building

Simple to lift using guiding profiles

  • Reduces crane time

Safe work independent of any wind load

  • Minimised interruptions due to weather
MEVA Guided Screens MGS Features & Benefits

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