Circular Formwork Radius

Radius: The Circular System

Radius is the state-of-the-art circular wall formwork systems for all round walls from a radius of 250 cm upwards. It is compatible with the Mammut 350 wall formwork system and the panels are connected with each other using the same MEVA assembly lock. Radius has a sturdy 6 mm steel facing for a superior concrete finish. Its benefits are the very quick, easy assembly and the easy selection of any radius. Box outs are aligned using high-performance magnets. Radius is predestined for architectural concrete requirements. 

Features & Benefits
Systematic Labour Saving
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Technical data

Features & Benefits


Concrete load capacity 60 kN/m²

  • Sturdy system for high walls, fast pours and fast cycles

Easy setting of the desired radius using integrated spindles, accurate to the millimetre, spindles with covering

  • Familiar working technique using normal ratchet spanner, spindle covering protects spindles from dirt

Height adjustment via integrated screws (optional)

  • Simple and fast adjustment to uneven ground

Tieing with DW 20 tie rods, load transfer with walers

  • Familiar working technique, economic tie ratio of only 0.53 ties/m²

High-performance magnets used to attach professional wooden or plastic box-outs

  • Easy and secure attachment of box-outs on rounded wall segments

Integrated lifting unit

  • Easy moving of forming units using a standard crane hook

System specifications

Circular formwork system for all radii from 250 cm

  • Flexible setting of the desired wall radius from tightly rounded wall geometries to gently curved walls

Panels joined and aligned using the M-assembly lock compatible with the Mammut 350 wall formwork System

  • Easy and fast link to straight walls using the same assembly and connecting technique, simplified logistics

Panel heights of 150, 300 and 350 cm correspond to panel sizes in the Mammut 350 System

  • Identical working technique, simplified logistics

Steel sheet as forming face with durable, high-tech coating

  • Superior concrete finish, suitable for architectural requirements, no imprints in concrete, no plywood re-facing

Easy ganging to form large forming Units

  • Simple, safe and fast work, less effort
Radius: The Circular System. Features & Benefits



Simple, accurate compensation up to 16 cm with filler timber and Uni clamps.

Attachment of boxouts with magnets

Simple attachment of boxouts with magnets

The use of high-performance magnets to attach box-outs on steel facing has a long tradition on construction sites all over the world. It has proved to be reliable and quick. The magnets used in the Radius circular formwork system hold firm even with high concrete pressure and very fast pours. The same is true of strips.

Built-in crane hook

Built-in crane hook

for fast, safe lifting of the formwork using a standard crane hook.

Simple height adjustment

Simple height adjustment

Simple height adjustment via spindle to even out unneven ground.

Easy reinforcement and stop ends

Easy reinforcement and stop ends

Push-pull props and walkway brackets are attached to the welded-in DW nuts with a flange screw. The offset typical with circular formwork is handled with the Radius tie-off clamp RS using a DW tie rod and alignment rails.



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