MEVA Automatic Climbing MAC

MAC: Automatic Climbing. Safe. Fast. Precise.

The crane-independant MEVA Automatic Climbing system MAC offers optimum safety and speed in high-rise construction. Hydraulic system with all-round protective housing and pre-assembled inner and outer formwork. 

Achieves superior concrete finish on cores and shafts. References include Roche-Tower in Basel, World One Hotel in Singapore or Palais Royale in Mumbai.

Features & Benefits
Complementary systems

Features & Benefits

MAC: MEVA Automatic Climbing

Lifted entirely without crane

  • No expensive crane time needed

Building schedule independent of external factors such as weather; parallel work possible

  • Fast progress, reliable scheduling and on-time work flow

Fast cycles: steel concrete works plus one day

  • The fastest technology, improved efficiency, saves building time

Top deck free of jacking masts and other mechanical obstacles

  • Improved safety and working conditions
  • More area for material storage

Suspended panels can be moved back manually

  • Fast and easy opening of panels
  • Less operations and faster progress

Long-stroke, heavy-duty hydraulic rams (20 ton load capacity per cylinder) allow for 4 m of travel

  • Deep, floor-to-floor single pours, fast progress  

Non-return ratchets on each cylinder

Forms for bearing pockets are re-usable

  • Cost savings

The jacking beams are supported by concrete that has already set

  • The unit can be lifted the day after pouring, saving time

Multiple working decks with safety access

  • Easy access when installing rebars, blockouts or build-in parts

Three-way adjustment of panels

  • Greatest possible accuracy

Fully clad and enclosed environment for workers

  • Protection from weather; comfortable, safe working conditions for workers; screens

Enhances the MEVA KLK climbing scaffold and the MEVA Guided Climbing system MGC

  • Matching equipment by the same supplier
MEVA Automatic Climbing MAC Features & Benefits

References MAC

Complementary systems

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