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On 28/09/2016 27 students for building (main focus on public building) came to visit us in haiterbach. The future engineers of the DHBW (Dual University Baden-Württemberg) in mosbach have three study days at their disposal, they can even plan by themselves. This excursion, accompanied by mathematics professor Dr. Sperling, stood under the sign of formwork.
Rainer Fuchs and Tobias Benz from product management had come up with a colourful program. Next to the tour there was also a competition: who can assemble and dismantle the formwork fastest on the basis of a plan. Second task: build a safe scaffold tower. Team 4 won the competition and at the award ceremony they got MEVA shirts as a premium.

The students were thrilled by this change. Practice rather than theory, with its own tackle and success after all. "it was a really exciting, informative and very educational day at MEVA connected with a lot of fun. We could definitely take a lot out of it and would like to come back ", was the quotation of student Philipp Hartmann.

Regularly pupils and students from all over Germany come to visit and go behind the scenes. MEVA also takes part at job fairs, is excellent training establishment and trains year after year apprentices in technical and administrative apprenticeships. In cooperation with the Dual University Baden-Württemberg MEVA offers study places aswell.

More information and contacts can be found here: http://www.mevaformwork.co.uk/en/about-meva/working-for-meva.php

Besuch Studenten

Students in Action

Who can assemble and dismantle the formwork fastest on the basis of a plan. The students were thrilled.

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